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Brass Biscuit V1 - Honeycomb

Brass Biscuit V1 - Honeycomb

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Length: 49mm (1.92")
Width: 31mm (1.22")
Thickness: 11mm (0.43") (Both plates together)
Weight: 125g
Material : CZ121 Brass
Magnet Layout: 2 x 4 (This gives 3 clicks)

The Brass Biscuit V1 is a timelessly elegant fidget slider with beautiful laser engraving on both sides. 
There are many different ways to fidget with Blackdog sliders. You can slide up-and-down, side-to-side and around in a circle. You can offset the plates and press the top like a button.  You can also have the plates slide silently or make then "click". It's totally up to YOU how you fidget.

As with all our products, this slider is precision machined to the highest possible standard in-house at our Edinburgh workshop.  Please note that fresh out the box the slide can feel a little sticky.  It will take around 30 minutes of fiddling before contact faces burnish into smooth operation.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Charles M
SUPERB product, not so great service.

This email hit me on Dec 20th asking me to review my order from 14 days ago, which is incorrect. I ordered this on November 27th making it 23 days since my order and I still havent recieved it. Both times I made contact with Alex took me two emails get a reply. The first time he assured me that he shipped the item out on the 6th, but I dont believe he did, as tracking never changed from "label created" to "dropped off with carrier". It wasnt until I complained again two weeks later that I was given a new tracking number, and tracking later than day changed to "dropped off with carrier" and then presumed normal tracking status' until I received the item. The item itself is excellent quality, however If i misplace this one I cant say I'd order from here again because a month is just too long of a wait, and I shouldnt have to constantly remind a seller to ship an order, as that is disconcerting. If the quality of the service ever matches the quality of the items being sold, than I wouldnt purchase from anybody else! Because of this, I still gave 4 stars. Although that may be too generous.

Helen Cowman
Brilliant figit

The figit slider is very Well made however it's not without its issues. The magnets are very strong which can sometimes result in painful skin nipping. The brass can cause discolouration on your fingers.

The V3 titanium is what I would love next with stainless steel sliding plates as I think that would solve some of the problems. The sliding plates may even help reduce the strength of the magnets resulting in less blood blisters (ouch).